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      The feeling of rain falling down. Of tear stained cheeks long dried. That sweet melancholic moment when the party, the moment, when the motion subsides.The ease of this calm comes naturally, washing over as if a fog has settled within. It’s only you and your thoughts. 


     This feeling is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before yet it overcomes you on a daily - when you least expect it. No one speaks of this feeling, yet it lingers nameless and unforgotten. 


      Poets and philosophers have thought long and hard, I believe, but they were unable to comprehend the profoundness of this concept. 


     You realise the feelings lasts especially after coming home from the airport. After having felt the warmth of family or friends or simply a travel. The oddest comforts is to be home, yet the lust for the unpredictable, another experience just to remove yourself from the moment. The comfort of being in one’s home after a long time, alongside the bidding adieu to sealed past. The uncertainty of another unpredictable adventure like the last. 

       To erase the familiarity of routine before it sets in. Before you’re stuck in motion again –just a piece in the play of others. Before your body aches from the motion you set to. Before the dust settles, the fog lifts, and the sky clears.


     The oddest of sentiments, feeling so pleasant yet an undertone of blue resides. A feeling that you never consciously crave until the very moment after experiencing the simple art of “experiencing”. Breaking every piece of you, causing a completely new sense of self. The reassurance of a do-over, another chance lies in this miraculous daydream-state. Coming from no one else but within the core of your being. Seeming intrinsic. Born within humankind from the very beginning. The emotional inkling of doubt leaves no trace here. Whatever will come, will come. 


      The clock ticks its mechanical, piece goodbye. You wake to the bright LED light: 3.45 AM bids the alarm.

a sweet sentiment of goodbye

BY uhinee Bhattacharya


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