And then there were two

BY suman


And then there were two


Rosy-fingered Dawn wakes and her touch 

colors the sky;

mixed shades of lilac, 






creates the most beautiful of hues

Heaven is upon us.


She saw him and he saw her.

‘Twas love at first sight,

thought it would last.

Their love was power.
It conquered every heart 

and mind.


There was a spark,

the catalyst to the flame,

to their fire,

which burned down all.


‘He was a boy, and she was girl,

in this Kingdom by the Sea,’ said his dear,

Annabel Lee.

She built a Colossus, he became a Jaguar.

She loved mushrooms, he was a fox.


Together, they were the union

of the Yin and the Yang,

creating a swirl of worlds.

Creation of life.


And then it died.

Their creation, beloved Lovepet.

Spring came at last,

after the long and dreary and cold

winter, that kept them shivering.


She couldn’t bear the loss

of the Lovepet,

and so, he found a lovepet with another.

‘She was a child and he was a child

in this Kingdom by the Sea,

That the wind came out of the cloud by night,

Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.’


Their love was the spark to end it all.

The catalyst to the end.

In the end, even love was the fire 

that overtook them all.

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