metamorphosis of fear

BY suman padhi


Fear is a monster.

slime oozing out beneath

my bed; tentacles creeping up

the wooden posts.

shadows in my room,

morphing into the dark boogeyman

from my childhood.


Fear is an insecurity.

the love and attention lost

in a world of hatred and self-preservation,

wrapped in dressings of 

protection to hide from

the cruelty.


Fear is love.

Ii’s worry and concern and love and hurt

and anger.

stemmed from trust for each other, 

pain and hurt felt 

at a distance.

it’s compassion that breaks 

the boundaries of time.

it’s ageless and timeless.


Fear is a family.

it’s children and fathers and mothers and

brothers and sisters.

it’s the blossoming reunions in the onset

of grief and loss.

it’s the thoughts of the past,

small reminders of the dawning

of death and yet

it’s still love.


Fear is a metamorphosis.

it’s a river of change,

flowing through lives

of others,

carrying along joy and melancholy.

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