I pulled the soft blanket over my head, tossing and turning in bed. Nothing could stop the horrendous crying. It wouldn’t stop no matter how hard I tried to block the noise out of my head. My hands shook as I emerged from underneath my blankets to turn on the light by the bedside table. As I heard the familiar click, warm yellow light began to shine throughout the room and the crying stopped. Relieved, I stuck my head out of the blanket, only to be confronted by her glaring eyes. 

“No,” I cried as I jumped and fell out of my bed, scrambling towards my medicine cabinet for the pills. The doors wouldn’t open, no matter how hard I pulled at the handle. 

“James,” whispered the familiar female voice that sounded exactly like hers.

“Go away Abigail please,” I wept, placing my head onto the sweaty palms of my face and sinking down to the floor. 

“James I want to go home,” she continued whispering, as I felt her tiny footsteps running towards me faster and faster until they finally stopped. I felt her hand, well not her hand, her hand would’ve have been warm, soft and human-like. No, this hand was cold, rough and very more dull and lifeless. It began digging its nails into me, dragging and tracing them along with my skin.

“Abigail stop!” I shrieked with my eyes closed, pushing her away from me. My skin began to bleed profusely. BANG, I heard her hitting my bedside. The lamp clattered behind her and the once warm light disappeared, leaving us alone in a cold, dark and detestable darkness. I immediately got up and despite my open wound making me drowsy, began to run as fast as I could out of that room with her blood-curdling scream behind me. 

“YOU DID THIS TO ME JAMES!” she howled as I stumbled out of my home and continued to run throughout the dark forest like a mad man. Did I even know where I was going? I asked myself, slowly becoming tired as my running turned into speed walking, I still heard her footsteps behind me, but I was almost there and there was not a single chance that I was going to look at her again and remember what I did. As I approached the cemetery, I sped up my pace again only to feel pain in my legs as I stumbled over a branch and hit the wet autumn leaves. I groaned as I slowly got up, my head spinning. Kneeling, I slid my left index finger across my forehead only to see thick red blood. I looked ahead and noticed that I had hit my head against the rock and miraculously survived. Not even questioning this miracle, I got up leaning on the nearest tree as I recollected my senses and began to stumble, dragging my injured leg with me. As I walked throughout the cemetery, I found the exact grave I was looking for. I fell down beside it and let my tears trickle down like a stream as I read the engraved words carefully.





I rubbed my eyes knowing exactly who had done this to her. Martha had found out, she tried to blame it on me, but the court couldn’t see it fit, that’s why she left me a month ago, fearing the same fate as Abigail and she was right. If she hadn’t been hiding from him for some time now, she’d be long gone now and wouldn’t be sending the ghost of my daughter to hunt me and remind me of the sin I had committed.

 “I’m sorry Abby,” I cried as I felt her presence gloom over me, “I was drunk and when you said you’d tell Martha about the affair…” I couldn’t continue anymore. I suddenly began to hear her laugh like a madwoman. I gazed at the ghostly image of her in front of me.  She was wearing the same white nightgown from that night, her once beautiful young face had turned into something so horrid and rotten that I almost could not recognize her. Her once beautiful eyes had lost their color and turned pure white. Her body was still full of stab wounds as fresh and bright red as the day I had pulled out my knife from her very flesh. Her legs, arms and back were crooked due to the impact of when I threw her body of that cliff. 

“I will never be in peace, she croaked as she stared into my soul, “not unless I do the same things to you as you did to me.” 

“No...you wouldn’t, Abby please,” I beg, but it’s no use. She starts heading towards me, her eyes as pure as snow turned into dark charcoal. My heart starts beating and I run again, but no matter how fast I go, she’s still behind me, hunting me down like a hungry wolf chasing a sheep. 

The world starts spinning around me as I hear her voice echo throughout the cemetery whispering, “I always knew you would die in my arms.”  

The blood in my veins runs cold. I couldn’t die like this, like a pig for slaughter. Suddenly, I heard a loud and continuous beep waking me up from this horrendous dream and bringing me back to reality as I realize that I had come to a stop in the middle of the dark highway. Before I could react, the lights from a truck beamed brightly in my face and the world goes black.

I wake up to hearing two figures dressed in lab coats beside me discussing something in a serious tone. 

“Phil, come on! He got hit by a car for christ’s sake! I can’t raise his dose of medicine anymore, it would kill the man!”

 My head throbs as I lift it slowly in pain, trying to observe my landscape to see where I was being held. I notice the heart monitor beside me and a few nurses pacing the room. I try to lift my arm to signal to the two individuals, but I am stopped by my arms being cuff-linked to the bed. Shocked, I try to listen to what these two were talking about. I was the victim hit by the truck; why am I being held?

“I understand that Geroge, but we can’t have these episodes happening anymore. First the daughter, who’s next? His next-door neighbor?”

 The man who appeared to be Phil sighs as he takes off his glasses and wipes them clean with his t-shirt. 

“The wife has finally provided new evidence from that night suggesting that this man could have killed his own bloody daughter! She lives in fear that he will find her one day and make her bite the dust. So I don’t care if he is suffering from disease or is even mentally insane, that monster is coming with me to the police station”. 

They knew. In a panic, I try to break free despite knowing it was no use. Even if I were to get rid of the cuff-links, I’d still be stopped by a bunch of police officers waiting outside. Phil and George turn their attention towards me as I start screaming, “She was the one who did it not me. I tried to stop her I swear.” 

George slowly turns his gaze Phil as both of them have a stare off for a few minutes. 

“Fine, but let him have another chance with his medication before you decide to send him to the asylum.” Geroge considers this for a short while and nods as he motions for the nurse waiting outside with the syringe. 

“I’ll kill her! I’ll get my hands around that woman’s throat I swear on my dead daughter’s grave!” 

George looks at me in shock as the other two glance over at me with disgust in their eyes. A split second later, I feel the nurse stab the syringe into my arm and the world engulfs me into darkness again.


BY Anna


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