I remember when I was awake. The soft but never-ending ticking of the clock rings in my ears, reminding me of each second passing, reminding me of my fragile mortality. I remember when I planted my feet flat on the ground, feeling the plush carpet beneath me, gently encouraging me to stand and face the day. I remember breathing in air, the contamination choking me, spreading its claws across my soul. But — I don’t remember when It took over me, when It started to control me, when it became me. 


I try to remember. I try to forget. But it won’t let me. It controls me. It forces me to wake up, snapping my joints until I stand and face my reality. It holds me in the palm of its hand and crushes my desire to soar like a free bird. It keeps me trapped like a caged bird, flightless and hopeless.. Its eyes pierce into my soul, questioning my purpose, searching for my humanity, as I try to take flight. The eyes never stop; It follows every step I try to make.


I remember when I was awake. The soft but never ending ticking of the clock ringing in my ears, reminding me of my lost power and freedom. I remember my reality without It. I remember when I chose to stand on the floor, when I chose to face the harshness of the world. Those days are now solely a figment of my imagination, as I remain trapped in a dark and desolate cage, flightless..hopeless. I remember.

i remember

BY dipasha


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