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Under My Bed 

Lloyd Jordano Wright

The incessant blast of air noisily engulfed the room, propelled by the small white box that threateningly opened and closed its mouth, letting each breath stir the frigid air around the tight quarters. In the day, the box welcomingly provided a cool atmosphere that made the boy feel at ease, a savior from the heavy furnace of heat from outside. But now its shifting lights, its sinister eyes that glowed from the darkness above, stare at the boy below, blinking and malevolent. The ominous glow of the AC’s eyes cast eerie shadows all around the boy. 
As the boy lay in his bed, his eyes wide open, his heart racing, he was completely still. The boy's eyes darted around the room while the familiar shapes of his furniture and old toys became twisted and grotesque caricatures of themselves. The room's furniture seemed to whisper ominous secrets, and the ceiling appeared to close in, as if ready to crush him.
His mind finally shifted focus from the approaching figures once he heard the strange noise coming from beneath his bed. The boy dared not move. His already rigid body strained from his muscles contracting, holding him down. This noise was the same low rumble that seemed to haunt him nightly. 
The boy’s bedroom, once a sanctuary, had shifted and transformed into a distorted world infected by monsters. His curtains, once shielding prying eyes outside, now appeared as floating ghostly figures outstretched and bathed in the pale moonlight. His hung pictures of family and friends’ now pierced him with menacing gazes while his bed sheets no longer seemed to shield him.
But the worst of them all, was the noises and darkness that oozed from under his bed. The ordinary wooden planks had cracked into the snarling and gaping maw of a giant monster. The cracks broke the wood and transformed them into his jagged teeth, dripping with viscous saliva. Every creak of the floorboards seemed to be the monster whispering a warning to the boy. 
“Move, and I eat you”.
The boy's heartbeat echoed in his ears rhythmically, each continuous thump louder than the last, with no signs of stopping this horrible macabre crescendo of noise. The boy clutched his blankets tightly, pulling them over his body, hoping vainly that the sheets would transform into armor to protect him. He knew, though, this was futile. He strained to yell out, but fear had robbed his trembling voice of strength. He would surely be taken before someone reached him. Time seemed to stretch and his hopes slowly diminished as the shadows and ghosts surrounded and invaded mind. 
But suddenly the shadows, ghostly figures, and even the monster seemed startled as his door swung open. The boy turned to see an Angel bathed in a rectangle of light. Its soothing, warm rays basted the boy’s room, causing the invaders to flee with much commotion. A soft, familiar voice filled the boy’s ears. 
“It’s alright, my love.”
With those words the boy’s room returned back to normal, and the once-distorted furniture, demented toys and eerie shadows melted away. The boy rushed into the angel's arms, and as he nestled in her embrace, he could feel the inexplicable disappearance of the monster. The boy now knew he was safe; he knew that no matter if the monsters came back, they were no match for his mother.

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