dying is an art/you do it exceptionally well

BY suman padhi


You burn him.

consume him, ravage him, till he’s nothing

but bones, flesh, blood, brains

and flesh, and bones.


Your flames scorch my skin,

blackening the pale,

the sweaty, the alive.

But he’s not.


I hate you.

You took him from me,

you spread across like waves of the ocean,

turbulent and never ending.


I am a dolphin.

I swim within you.

I look for him, but he has left me.

Gone so deep that I cannot follow.


Sometimes I want to follow him,

to dive into the deepest depths

that he has sunken to.

It’s not easy.


I can see the glittering stars from here.

Can he? Can he? Can he?

O grandfather, where have you gone?

Why can’t I see him ?


You are here.

You are the light, the gold,

and he has gone in the dark.

I hate you.

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