It had been 6205 days. One glass of water and one slice of bread. Seventeen years in a dark, cold, and hollow room. I’d been isolated, motionless and abused in a corner. Everyday, I hid myself in the corner of the room, afraid of the dark figure taunting and yelling at me. It was my seventeenth birthday, and I was finally given an opportunity to visit the “outside” with him. Or should I say, the opportunity to escape. 


It was 4am and I was contemplating how I should escape while I'm in the “outside.” I had forgotten how to express myself, talk, or even run because I had been in the same position for countless years. But I knew it was time to return to my rightful home and remember who my real “owners” were. He entered my capsule in his outdoor clothes, grasped my arm and dragged me to his car. 


Everything zoomed by my vision. Trees. Grass. Sun. Sky. People. Things I’d only seen in my story books, longing to see them in real life. I could tell he was in a hurry, but I noticed that he trusted me. He thought I would follow him around, because after all those years, he figured we had begun to build a sense of trust and affection for each other, making me not want to leave him and escape. But he had no idea what would happen next. 


For several years, he thought he could dominate me, but it was time for me to go my own way and revert back to my old life. Without turning back, I stepped out of his car and marched onward into the glowing sunlight. 

the escape.

BY ye jin


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