and then there's death

BY suman padhi


And then there’s Death


It’s easier to give in-

to break down

to fall apart

to shatter

to grovel at his knees,

because the end

is here.


7 seeds don’t seem like a reason


to stay

to leave the light,

the sun,

the flowers,

the beauty.


Down here, it’s dark

it’s misery

it’s a flurry

of mistakes

and consequences

it’s black

and i am



so deep

so shallow

no god can save me now


Alas, even Orpheus

came here

for poor Eurydice

Heroes venture

to seek gold



then comes



Our faults are gasoline

creating a spark

a flame

a raging fire

you took me from the gardens,

my mother’s abode,

surrounded by life,

now in death.


“Til death do us part”

yet everytime I beg for death,

you snatch it from me.

we hitch a ride on the shadows

your servants,

my restless spirit, soothed by


the beauty, the gold, the rich

built on the ashes of society.


He, my adonis, died.

You took him away from me

snatched him

killed him

slaughtered him.

Because my love was his

not yours.

those m o r t a l s are so

goddamn precious

and that’s why the poets pity them

we mourn

they live

bursts of art

and beauty.

we mourn and mourn and mourn

there’s no end

one day we stop, we forget, we forgive

the grief is lost


and then it starts again.

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