BY iraj saad


He is there:

always waiting, watching

lurking in the shadows, 

preparing to charge, 

knives drawn, guns blazing

only to entice unnecessary fear. 


He is there:

like a ghost, 

an otherworldly entity, 

like the Boogeyman, 

like the Big foot, 

like the Loch Ness monster. 


the only difference? 

He cannot be seen, 

only felt. 

through the chills traveling down the spine, 

the turbulent racing of the heart, 

the deafening thoughts of the mind, 

the restless shaking of the leg. 


He is there:

invisible to the eye, 

but can appear 

out of thin air,

from a dark alley

inside our heads.


He attacks: 

in the dark of the night,

the bright of the day,

the yellow, orange, red 

of the in-between. 



we are caught in his trap, 

confused as to why and

we fall, 

           and fall, 

                 and fall, 

                      and fall, 

and can't seem 

to crawl out of his        

deathly grip. 

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