Ding Dong..

Ding Dong..


The echoes of the bells broke the utter silence of the house, adding a melody to the soft clashes of the raindrops on the windows. Darkness engulfed the somber halls, rain water slithered down the windows, and the wind whistled as it glided through the cracks of the doors. The plants released a petrichor odor, tickling the sides of my nose. It was October break, and it was the day of Halloween, the day everyone had been waiting for. Children were disguised in costumes, knocking on every door, desperate for candy. Meanwhile, I was in my room, sucked into Stephen King’s horror books until a knock reached my door. The sudden knock startled me and my novel fell out of my hands. In between the spaces of the curtains in my room, I glanced towards the front door and noticed a blurry silhouette of an unknown figure outlined against the shredding tree. It was midnight; my neighbors were fast asleep and my parents were out of town.


I was alone. 


In a frantic manner, I grabbed the telephone and dialed my mother.


“Mother, someone’s ringing our doorbell. Who would be at this time?

... Mother? Mother?” Static...


Static, echoes, and hisses, traveled through the phone line. In between the chaos, there was no response from my mother. I dialed my father. Still no answer. I began to tremble. Mom and dad both always answer my calls. Why not now? I thought of  some excuses as to why my parents weren’t responding. Maybe, the rainwater was delaying the signals across the telephone lines. Or maybe mother forgot to pay the telephone bills. I had no one else to rely on, just myself. I’d been home alone several times before, but I’d never felt this feeling before. I’d never felt anxious of being alone. Soon, it began to rain heavier, and it worsened my worries and washed away my confidence. 


What will happen if I open the door? Should I even open it? Why aren’t they answering? I’m scared, I need them, I need them. From the corner of the window, I began examining the unknown figure. It was wearing a brown colored coat, carried a bright red umbrella which concealed its face. With the feeling of panic and agitation, I tried to cover myself with the curtains. Meanwhile, the umbrella began to twirl rapidly, and I could visualize the unknown figure looking around, as if it were searching for someone in the house. In fact, it seemed as if it wanted to come inside. In just a minute, it stopped its movement and angled itself until it was set towards my window. 


“Ahhhh!” I screamed. “It knows where I am!” The alarming and unexpected stare shocked me and it caused me to lose balance. The thud I made blended with the thunder outside. My lips began to quiver, my legs were trembling and my fingers were frigid. Everything around me seemed strange, as if I’d never lived here before.  Lub dub. Lub dub. My heart began to run at a faster pace. The sound of the rain grew louder as it clashed against the roof and windows. The noise overrode my thinking, and my head began to whirl amidst the chaos. After a few attempts to calm myself down, I peered out the window and the silhouette was gone. 


Creak. Creak. Out of nowhere, the sound of a sharp object scraping the door began to echo throughout the house. I traced the echoes and it ultimately lead me towards the back door. The back door was shielded by a white veil. It was rarely used, actually, it was never opened for the past ten years ever since I moved into this house. A suspicious and a gloomy atmosphere filled the house. The gush of wind caused the veil to flow back and forth. When the veil uncovered the window, for short periods of time, I could trace the silhouette of the same black figure that was facing me earlier. 


I was standing behind a cabinet that was facing the back door. From my point of view, a black shadow was casted through the window, causing the white veil to be coated pitch black. Shadows from trees and neighboring houses began to engulf my house. The presence of the unknown figure caused my beaming house to turn into an unwelcoming, dark house. What does this thing want? 

Who's out there?

BY ye jin


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