“Ring Ring,” my whole room fills with the blaring noise of my morning alarm replacing the peaceful noise of the AC. I groan as I stretch out my arm from the comfort of my blanket, over towards the clock, knocking it out of the bedside table onto the floor as it continues to ring. 

“Jen-nnny!” I whine across the room to my little sister who was still snug as a bug underneath her blankets. She doesn’t respond, so I decide to make the painful decision to sit up on my bed. I throw a pillow at the alarm clock on the floor with incredible accuracy and it finally stops ringing with the impact. I glare over at Jennifer once more. She still looks peaceful and innocent in her sleep. That girl could sleep through a monkey’s circus if she wanted too. I head over towards the window as the grey sunlight spills into our room, finally waking my little sister up. She hisses, trying to pull the blanket over her eyes. 

“Morning demon,” I smirk sarcastically as she finally stops hissing and gets up from her bed reluctantly, getting ready for school without even greeting me.  Jennifer was never chatty in the mornings, which was actually perfect considering that later on in the day she was practically a chatterbox. I continue to look over our small neighbourhood from our window getting lost in my thoughts. Mr. Henry was taking out his dog for a stroll around the park, Mrs. Johnson was gardening in her backyard and Mr. Smith was getting ready for work. I wonder what our neighbourhood would look like in colour. Black, grey and white were the only colours we ever knew and no one could see any beyond that. In children’s fables, it was said that a thousand years ago people could actually see all of the colours if they ever came into contact with their soulmates. The fables would go onto explain colours were the most beautiful thing mankind has seen. It was said that the world would become very different for those who could achieve such a miracle. But of course, no one ever has. Nothing so magical and fascinating could exist and that was that. 

I arrive at school with my little sister, who is jumping up and down with excitement. It was her first day of elementary school and my first day of 10 grade. She was excited but I was not. I drop her off as she gives me a small hug while my old 1st-grade teacher takes her away to the elementary school playground to make some new friends. I head over to the steps leading up to my high school. I struggle to pass through a crowd of rowdy seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. High School was honestly a huge mess for my socially introverted self. 

“Alice!” I finally hear my friend Oliva shouting at the end of the hallway, I begin to run towards her when suddenly I run into someone with full force knocking both of us over. 

“Hey, what were you’re...what the heck”, the angry male voice comes to a stop as I open my eyes, but suddenly get blinded by a light. My vision clears and my mouth drops while the entire dull world suddenly comes to life with a splash of vibrant colours. I look over to my skin, my hair, the hallway, the students, seeing colours that I hadn’t known were real. I look at the boy I toppled over. black hair and beautiful light eyes whose colour I couldn’t identify. 

“Ahem”, I look up seeing the entire popular group gasping. One of the girls, Olivia, glares at me, stomping her foot angry at the floor. I quickly mumble an apology as I struggle to get up, still in shock at my new environment. Before I can move anywhere else, he grabs me by my hand as I turn towards him once more. 

“I’m sorry,” he says with his face dumbfounded as mine. I nod shyly.

Both of us rush out of the hallway, as Olivia and the popular girls shout after us. We both stand outside for a while trying to process what just happened, still in awe of our environment. 

“It can’t be,” the boy stammers, walking back and forth, “this isn’t real.” 

He stops midway and awkwardly glances at me. 

“I’m...I’m Jonathan”, he stammers, stretching out his hand for a shake. 

I hesitate but comply, “I’m Alice.”. 

Our hands meet and tingling strikes, making the saturation of the colours brighter. We let go quickly looking away nervously. 

“I guess we really are soulmates huh,” he smiles genuinely at me, ruffling his hair trying to hide his nervousness.  

“What, no, I mean.. your girlfriend-”

“Olivia’s not my girlfriend. She’s been trying to hit on me all summer, but I have no interest in her.”

He stretches his hand out once more for my own but I hesitate for a while. It was a lot to process in one day for a teenager. From the normal life I once lived, everything changed with colour coming in my life and my possible soulmate standing in front of me. I look back at him once more and this is the first time I get to really look into his eyes and they reflect the same colour as the sky. I decided to stretch my hand to take his, feeling completely mesmerized. As soon as that sensation hit with the contact of our skin with the colours, I knew my life was about to change.


BY Anna


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