I am waiting for the day you would just look back at me. But I know you won’t. You would never. Coldly walking in the halls, as if we never happened. Hell, even I wish I could forget, but here we are. 


Sizzle. Sizzle. 


               I’ve never been happier. Just spending time with you is enough. I know we should wait before we tell our friends, but I’m too excited. I haven’t told anyone. Are you proud of me? 


Pop. Pop. 


                               I know you see me. I see the way you look at me across the hallway. Do you see my stolen stares? Do they make you feel how I feel when your eyes briefly glance up at me, filling me up with molten light, spreading heat through my vein?




                                             Have I never seen you? Like really see you. How did I miss you? It’s not like I’ve never heard of you, of course, people talk, and you’re one of the many subjects. I’ll have to keep a watch out.




                                                                Is this the start? Is this where our story begins? Who would’ve thought that you would become my addiction? Sucking the life out of me, leaving me breathless. Draining my soul, when I thought you would replenish me. 




                                                                              Did we know that this is the moment our end begins?




BY dipasha


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