My friends and I had planned to meet. I had arrived at the calm and soothing beach. The sun was setting creating an orange hue in the clear skies. So peaceful. Lovely. Beautiful. I sat by the benches, watching the sunset as the waves were sliding smoothly against the rough sand. As I was enjoying the wonderful view, I felt someone walking towards me. I have a feeling it’s Harry! The rubber bottom of his shoes were crunching against the sand as the sound began to get louder, causing my heart to beat even faster.


Harry’s coming. Today’s the day. My love is coming. 


As Harry approached me, a sweet scent slid through the tips of my nose, giving me a tingling sensation. From the corner of my eye, I noticed an alluring bouquet of flowers that consisted of at least 10 strands of deep dark red roses. Is it for me? The flowers were definitely for me. My heart was beating so fast at the thought of receiving those flowers from Harry. My cheeks were bleaching to rose red as I felt the hot sensation rising from every part of my body. My heart beat matched the sound of the waves rolling against the shore. I sat still, distancing myself from him to make sure that I wasn’t disturbing him. I didn’t want to bother him, but I did want to make sure that those flowers were for me. I did have a feeling he liked me from the start.


“Hey,” I greeted Harry.


“Hey!” he replied. 


“You bought such beautiful flowers! Whose are those for?” I replied, enthusiastically.


He stuttered, “Yeah.. I--t’s for someone uh.. who’s coming today. You--know uh.. it’s Valentine’s Day right?” 


“Of course. I can’t believe I spent 8 years alone on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully not this year!” I chuckled.


After what I had said, I regretted it so much. Why did I say that? I bet he got so confused. Or maybe he was glad that I was expecting someone, especially him, to ask me out today.  I just didn’t know what the right response was. Trying to act cool, I just nodded and casually looked around. As I stood up from the bench, I noticed that he grasped the roses from his lap, getting ready to surprise me with it. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to have a boyfriend! Just ask me out already. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. I can’t believe I have the opportunity to experience this moment. 


Harry began ruffling the flowers, to make sure they looked perfect. He began walking towards me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was shivering, I cleared my throat and made sure I was ready to accept his confession. However, I felt a rapid breeze slap my face. I realised Harry had passed me. Wait what? What is happening? Okay maybe Harry still wants time to prepare himself. 


“Hey Sarah, I’ve been wanting to tell you that I’ve been liking you since two years ago. Will you be my girlfriend?” Harry confessed. Wait, but I’m not Sarah...


I couldn’t believe it. It was Harry’s voice, and I didn’t want to turn around. My heart dropped and my hot sensation turned to ice cold. I froze and even worse, felt embarrassed. 


The orange clouds clustered together, mingling with the powerful winds. The winds were causing the orange skies to fade into gray and the clouds began to shed their tears. 

Maybe next time

BY ye jin


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