A lost cause

BY ramya


I'm a lost cause

though I wasn't then.

Don't ask why or even when.

For I don't quite recall

the day of my fall

from the heights of sanity.

Now like the rest of humanity

I sing and I dance in the rain.

The reason? Hmm... quite plain.

It took some time to figure out

what all this sudden change was about.

Now that I know…I might as well confess,

that love is what's causing all this mess.


It wasn't the 'at first sight' type.

You see, my past self didn't quite get that hype.

All the fussing and daydreaming

But who knew?

Secretly this heart was screaming

with bliss.

In time…it was quite impossible to miss.

That's when I realised that my reactions

during our interactions

the reason they were thrilling

was because those moments were so fulfilling!

And it struck me;

that maybe

it’s for the best.


So now when I see that smile, that sigh;

I no longer wonder why

sparks fly.

I just let myself be a lost cause when it comes to you.

Those sparks will burn.

Hence this heart shall yearn.

For you.

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