i fear the day it ends

BY ramya paliwal


I fear none,

neither things nor people,

for I no none.

An ignorant being,

or maybe just oblivious.

But you can't blame me,

as I am not human -

But merely a glass doll inside a snow globe.

All I know is that 

I can't breathe,

nor hear 

nor speak.

But I don't mind

for I never really understood what it truly feels to be alive.


A change!

a strange 

turn of events.

For it came when I least expected it.

Since then I have never been on the same wooden shelf.

Whether it be for the better or the worse,

I am unaware.

But when I see his gentle yet firm hands up there, shaking the snow globe;

I feel a thrill.


With his presence, the dormant life I led so far

is far behind me.

I merrily accept my fate 

when I become an addict to this newfound excitement.

With curiosity,

I wait patiently for further enlightenment.

At that moment; I believe I am human.

Finally, I have gained something 

worth losing.


Now, I fear the day it ends.

When he drops the snow globe and the glass shatters on the ground.

My newly found paradise

is on the brink of its demise.

My hope - a wish of an innocent heart

is sealed inside an hourglass.

May the last grain of sand never fall.

But I fear,

it's only a matter of time before hope exhales its last sigh,

under that pile of sand and dies.

An unending loop of emptiness,

I fear the day it begins. 

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