small magic

BY iraj saad


if you were to die tomorrow,

can you say you truly lived? 

did you celebrate the little joys,

the small wonders

this universe constantly gives?


like the soft pitter-patter of rain

against your bedroom window

when the morning sky is gray,


or the sweet scent of jasmine

picked from your garden,

on a vibrant spring day?


like the magical rise and fall

of the deep dark ocean,

when the city is still asleep,


or the quiet gust of wind

drifting leaves,

as the trees turn red?


like the sound of your favorite song

playing on the radio,

when you least expect,


or the smell of strong coffee

pulling you out of bed,

when you’re only half awake? 


like the feeling of your softest sweater,

providing you comfort,

when the day has been too harsh, 


or the kindness of a stranger

putting a smile on your face,

when you’re in a rush?


and in the deafening chaos of life and death,

can you say you truly appreciated,

the small magic of every day?

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