The Lady in red

BY ramya paliwal


“I see you have regrets…

Well so did I”

Said she, the lady in red.

Quite a beauty; young and pretty you could say.

But all I saw was blood. Funny how I knew it was hers.

Maybe because I could see her desperate wounds.

Her hand held a knife

But her eyes were not those of a murderer.

Merely those of a lost soul

Weary and tired from wandering

Without a reason, without hope.

I sensed something within her, that was too familiar.

Her aura like my own. But it struck me then.

She wanted death

And I, immortality.


Her words were already fading in my head

As if some mysterious force trying to lull me to sleep. And pull me away from this reality.

But I wanted to know

What was it that called me here?

Was it fate? No. For I had a choice.

It was within my reach.

The medicine for all my pain.

A cure for my fear of death.

I was an invited guest, to relish the divine yet forbidden fruit.

I remember how time became a stranger as I approached the dish which lay in anticipation.

And I remember she watched me taste and cherish the exquisite flavour.

She showed no intention of stopping me. She never did.

But she welcomed me once I had accepted my destiny.

When I drank from the chalice of immortality.


Her words were true.

Indeed, I had regrets.

They made me a coward who could not face death. Not yet. Not ever.

Now my troubles were my fortune and time a stranger

This stranger who had cut ties with me.

I now know not of its true nature nor of my own,

I, who abandoned all reason and rhyme.


Ah! It finally hit me then.

All I had done was add another misery to my never-ending woes

But Alas! It was one whose scar would remain embedded in my heart forever.

And when forever seemed to have passed,

I met her again.

The lady in red.

But now, I felt we were truly the same.

For now, I too had a knife in my hand

And blood on my body.

Our conversation lasted only a few seconds

But it couldn’t have been more meaningful.

I said, “I still have regrets”.

She said,” so do I”.

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