Go back in time. 


It was 7 years ago. 



In a little tub full of clear and bubbling water, I spotted four flippers waddling leisurely. Next to it there were colorful corals with fresh seaweed planted in the choppy pebbles. While gliding through the seaweed, Hart had appeared. Hart was the name of my beloved turtle. In fact, he was also my first pet. With diamond shaped patterns carved on his back, he was always active, cheerful and welcoming. It was like love at first sight. 


I shouted, “Mother! I hope Hart stays with me forever!” not knowing what lay ahead of me. 



It was a bright morning. A ray of sunlight peered through my window which woke me up to thinking about Hart right away. As soon as I opened my eyes, I scurried towards Hart’s tank. He had already started his morning exercise, swimming along the trembling water. His army green shell camouflaged with the rocks around him and his busy fins were waving in the water as if he were greeting me. 


Hart is now a new member of our family. 


The Day

It was another day with Hart. But the tank that was placed in the bookshelves was gone. Hart was no longer there, neither his food, nor his toys. I frantically ran to mother and called, “Mother! Where’s Hart? Where is he? Where is he?” 


  Mother spoke in a weak voice, “He was taken back to the shop. He was sick.” 

It had only been two days since I bought him, and he didn’t look sick at all. Right before I slept yesterday, Hart was still strolling around the tank. But in a blink of an eye, 7 years have passed and I finally realized that Hart wasn’t taken back because he was sick but because he had died in his miniature tank. He was born with a defect. At that time, I couldn’t fathom the fact that he was gone. I sobbed for days, whining to my parents to bring Hart back home. However, they never brought him back. He didn’t return home for 7 years. 


The death of Hart was my first experience of losing someone I loved so much and my first permanent farewell. Till now, I still remember Hart’s precious little face, always actively swimming and walking around the rocky paths we created for him. Hart was my first.

go back in time

BY ye jin


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