BY Zoe Vaillancourt


Fear - to be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.

Source: Oxford Dictionary


She is scared of spiders,

He’s afraid of them too.

My brother doesn’t like the dark,

While I am afraid of you.


Afraid of the noiseless threats

You make with your wicked grin.

Afraid of the painful stabs

For every word you say is a sin.


Afraid of falling

For your comforting lies.

Afraid of drowning

In your endless eyes.


Afraid of the danger

I feel growing

Whenever you’re sweet

And I fall unknowing.


Afraid of my happiness

When I hear your name.

Afraid because it is

Followed by shame.


Afraid because

I can’t pretend

That I’m not scared

To lose my best friend.


Afraid because

Every time 

It ends the same:

You walk away easy

And I mourn in pain.


So to my very worst nightmare,

To my angel from above,

To the most beautiful girl I know,

I’m so sorry I’m afraid of ----

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