Everyday we walk to our death. Everyday, the sun rises, glaring at us. Reminding us of our minute significance. Our worthlessness. 


Everyday the flowers cower, while I am on my feet, looking to scour. 


Everyday I walk to my death. 


Everyday we sleep to die. Our souls rise into the atmosphere, choking and suffocating our body. Our souls seek heaven only to crash back into this concrete jungle.


Everyday I walk to my death. 


Everyday I breathe to die. My breath is a simple reminder of my mortality, of my humanity, of my destiny. The mechanism that operates me, controls me, kills me. 


Each day is one step closer to crossing the bridge from the light of life to the darkness of death. From a memory to a legacy. From humanity to insanity. 


Each breath, a bomb waiting to explode. Each breath swallowed by death. Each breath, stealing my mortality. 




BY dipasha


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