BY gisele ferreira




An egg is brought into the world on a bright green leaf.

It rolls and tumbles as a larva grows inside of it

It morphs into a squishy, white ball that meanders out of the shells, its old home

Slowly, it makes its way up the great green leaf to find food

One day, it will get swooped up by an eagle,

Immediately ceasing life to an unknown realm

And that’s how it will end.


11:38PM born in a beaming white room 

He cried at the uncomfortableness of this unfamiliar territory

Years go by, he grows up

At only fifteen, he’s done so much

But on one stormy dark day as he makes his way home from school 

A crimson car comes crashing hard into his rib cage, 

Turning him unconscious,

And that’s how he will end.


The howling wind picks up a bright yellow seed

It floats over, and under 

Eventually settling on soft wet soil.

Decades of strong winds and violent surges go by 

And the seed evolves into a tree.

One cold, eerie night as dusk falls 

A lumberjack slashes its thick trunk 

And that’s how it will end.


Content or dissatisfied it will end.

Young or old it will end.

Fulfilled or incomplete it will end.

But we meet ends to make amends 

For new ends to be written.

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