cycles & seasons 

BY suman Padhi


Spring is a soft kiss,

the new beginning of

a relationship between lovers,

like the soft blossoming of flowers,

as the soft breeze flows

through the air.

a whisper of enchantment.


Summer is the feel of waves

crashing upon your feet,

tranquil and gentle, summer

pulls you, slowly and softly.

it is the rise of dawn along

the horizon, and the onset of dusk

as burgundy bleeds through the glowing sky.


Autumn is the whisper,

of leaves as they die.

it is the scarlet of the trees,

the chill of the gust of wind.

it is the uncertain continuity,

a journey from the beginning to the unknown.


Winter is a caress,

the tidings of warmth

within the deep fireplace

within the hearts of kindred spirits,

but also the caress of death,

the beginning of the end,

the white snow against the dark sky.


Eventually as the winter winds blow,

the trees grow,

for it will begin,

all over again.

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