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Rising moon in the sky

Orange sand on the bare land below

“There they lie,” thought the child

“Tails of the gazelles swaying in the wind’s flow.”


So simple, no worries.


Moon setting, sun awakening

Flowers blooming, stretching up.

A cloak fell on the child, burying their being 

A crowd of screaming figures, speeding around.


Sun yawning, moon sprawling

The town bustling like a bee hive

Out of nowhere emerged a figure

Soon, cutting through the bustling like a knife

Appeared the penumbra in the sudden light


Clouds joining, sun hiding

Gates creaked open like a storm subsiding

In the palace there emerged a figure once more

“Listen, I am your savior,” declared the being

“I have fought with all my might” they said “I will do what I see right!”


Dusk falling, moon calling

The savior sat on their new throne.

“I have saved the people,” they thought

 “I have the power, as I have shown.”


Sun resting, moon calling

Birds chirping like any other day.

The shadow of a figure moved lightly

And stood like a pillar in front of the new chief.


“Who are you to deceive?” cried the shadow

“Who are you to rule?” it continued, thriving off of their guilt.


Sun welcoming light, moon fleeing the sunny sight

Thoughts shuffling like leaves in autumn light

The phony leader baffled like a cut-off seam

“What have I done?” they thought to themself.

“Who am I really if not me?”


The sun sealed by the clouds, moon afar

The chief sat and suddenly appeared their toom

“You are strong, powerful,” they said, their door ajar

“You are deceitful, two-sided,” a solemn murmur entered the room.


“You can run, run away from haters,” the whisper said

“You can ignore the voice of reason in your youth”

“All things you can try,” it continued, “it won’t make things right”

“For I am in you, from you, and with you. I am your very own truth.”

the battles we face

BY pepe pyykkö


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