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This life

This beauty

This home

I remember 

I remember all the ways his smile glowed

Emanating a powerful essence

Giving me no choice but to love him

And that smile, still stays there

But now I notice all the ways time morphed his face

How the lines multiplied on his forehead

How time took his youth


It sways

Back and forth

There, but almost nonexistent

I sit, pondering

For seconds

For minutes

For hours

Doing nothing with this time

Letting it pass

Like a ghost 

How do I kill it?

How do I stop it?

How do I end it?

How do I keep these hairs from turning grey,

These hands from growing purpled veins

How do I keep this life from seeping away

Only when I find a way to kill time

Can I fully let the joy 

Happiness, and


To seep in through the cracks I’ve sealed shut

So I can live

Without worry

Of time taking it away

Because what do I do when time takes away all my reason to live?

But time moves faster

And it takes more

It will take until I am a withering piece of


And this I now know

Every second

Is one less

Every minute

Is one less

Every hour

Is one less

And only in the times

That we don’t realise we’re passing through times

Are the only moments spent well

The daunting realisation that time 

Time Takes

Time is a thief

Stealing in front of our faces

Right there and we are powerless to stop it


Spending less time killing time

Is time well spent

Because time spent living and loving

Time spent cherishing

Tip the balance, tip the scale

And the love will outweigh the pain when time takes

The joy will outweigh the sadness when times comes 

And takes what it believes it is owed

Enjoy the moments and people

Time steals from us

And it will be as if

As if time stole nothing at all


By denise santiago


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