Liham is the International School of Manila's first and only creative writing magazine. We act as a platform through which high school students can express themselves creatively in a myriad of ways. In the same way that the creative process is flexible and individual, we offer creative writing through fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and foreign languages. 

Who We Are 

Editors-In-Chief: Amelie de Leon and Zeki Tan

Managing Editor: David Bloom

Assistant Editor-In-Chief: Zoe Vaillancourt

Wave Director: Happy Jara

Workshop Leader: Priyasha Chakravarti

Public Relations Officers: Megh Bindra and Dylan Yap

Supervisors: Mr. Robert Butcher and Ms. Melanie Hunt

Managing Team

Andie Benitez, Basia Lesniewska, Allen Querouz

Staff Illustrators

Section Editors: Anagha Chakravarti, Suman Padhi and Ye Jin Jang

Co-Visual Directors: Yana Po and Zoe Lapada

Editorial Team

Amina Konysbayeva, Alec See, Julie Rhee, Anton Vellon, Julia Lee, Ysabelle Asuncion, Ian Curry, Patrick Monje, Anna Milicevic, Tara Tulshyan, Catherine Shim, Chris D'Arcy, Andie Benitez, Kassidy Siebert, Sarah Norman, Iraj Saad, CJ Limjap, Shawna Tan, Kaitlyn Bews

Staff Writers