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As darkness envelopes the cabin,

We gather in a circle,

In front of a blazing fire,

Warmth and comfort surrounds us.


In the hearth’s flickering glow,

Connections grow strong,

Smiles are more heartfelt,

Mind, body and soul in harmony.           


Nestled close, all enthralled

With stories that bring back 

Memories of yesteryears.


Laughter fills the air,

Echoes of joy, 

Sparkles in each other’s eyes,

Reflecting the warmth of the hearth.


Alas! There is brightness!

A timeless moment…

Thawed hearts set free

To forgive, to hope, to love.

As the fire casts its final glow,

I know that this hearth will never outgrow.

Sitting Around a hearth

BY chelsea Chang


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