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Striving, oh, the purpose of living,

Reaching goals we set in our youth.

Climbing the mountains, and touching the sky

Leaving our doubts, fears, and lies.


Each step, a strive.

Each advancement, a success.

For all the falls and failures are lessons.

For all the goals we aim at act as reasons


And when we reach that moment, that height,

When success is finally in our sight.

We know we've overcome the night,

In front of us, the hopeful light!


For striving is succeeding,

Matters not just the destination.

But the resolution and dedication,

And the credence that we are blazing.


Strive, succeed, and believe.

With hard work, with outstanding effort, we can achieve

Our dreams and raison d'être, no matter how high

With determination, the limits we defy.

strive and succeed

By Keming Cheng


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