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don't read this

BY Li McCullough

Don’t read this. This, whatever this is, is bad. Very bad. A complete waste of time that will inevitably end with you in a life-altering existential crisis, which is not fun (I speak from experience). I’ve barely written anything and I’m already anxious. Anyway, all I will be talking about is how little you matter, how insignificant you are. I mean, not just you, me too- everyone actually. 


All humans, no matter how empathic or humble, are narcissists. We all believe that we have a role to play, a purpose. But in reality, our small existence is equivalent to nothing, in the grand scheme of things. I mean, sure, within our tiny world each one of us has a certain amount of significance, but only a few people’s, a fraction of the population’s names, are remembered in the history books; books that do not matter anywhere other than this planet, which is only one rock in over 700 quintillions. So yeah, we’re a speck, a speck in space; a pinprick in the vastness of the universe; the immeasurable, limitless, infinite, void- THE NEVERENDING COSMOS! 


Moving on… Time also doesn’t give a crap about us. In about 7,800,000 years, humanity will go extinct. Poof! We gone. Then about 4,992,200,000 years after that, the sun will explode- or rather, implode. So, a barely visible stain of our existence on Earth is all that will be left of us, until our solar system dies a fiery death 5 billion years from now (unless we start venturing outside of our galaxy and to other planets, where we make alien friends and coexist on their, hopefully not doomed, balls of rock. Not gonna lie, considering the fact we can’t even get along within our own species, I think it’s pretty doubtful). 


The conclusion I have drawn from this is that, despite what we think, nothing we do matters. I might even go further and say that the majority of what we think and do as individuals, is insignificant on a global scale. Unless you’re super famous or well known, but if that’s the case, what are you doing reading this? My point is, we are all programmed to have main character complexes -to some degree- and be unbelievably self-centered, so we always think that somehow everyone is paying attention to us. Especially on Zoom. Now, you may be hating me at this moment, but there is a relatively positive message we can take away from this: if you are an awkward, anxious person like me and you do embarrassing things that scar you for life and are always lingering in the back of your mind (in addition to thinking that everyone else also remembers, or even noticed in the first place) take comfort in the fact that NO ONE CARES; everyone is stuck in their own little world, thinking about what embarrassing thing they did 3 years ago, or if their not a ball of anxiety, they’re probably just wondering what they’re going to eat for lunch. 


Now chill out, make some popcorn and go watch the newest MARVEL movie- which is currently No Way Home. I think. 

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