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The world is undeserving of someone like you,
far too cruel to house,
and much too underwhelming to compensate.
It made you feel as if you were a hotel along an unknown road comprised of temporaries,
and had nothing really else to offer besides a night stay.
But you are a home,
with paintings plastered among the walls that you could stare at for hours,
and shelves full of books that I never fail to get lost in.
Among the vast oceans and the evergreen giants,
you found me,
and I chose you.
Because with you,
I no longer feel like just a girl of flesh and bone,
I feel infinite.
Like I was made for more than this world could ever offer.
I was made,
to be loved by you.
So please know that when your heart breaks,
mine shatters into a million more pieces.
And I want you to know that it is okay,
because no amount of pain even will ever come close to the thought of potentially losing you.

     - A.N


By abbygail nurendra


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