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If nothing is reality.

Where is the lie?


What, indeed

Is a lie

Without truth to examine it against.


I slam my fist on the glass

But is it truly



If no two atoms










Nucleus                                                                                For                                                                             Nucleus…


Then do no two things connect?

In this pattern-oriented.

world -

there are no patterns.

Patterns are truth…???


But that’s only because

Humans make ways

To find - a connection.


Are you certain

These “connections” you






What society do you live in?

       Or, matter of fact,

Is there such a thing as society?

How do we know for sure there is?

And, if nothing truly is absolute, what then must be true?


You, perhaps, cannot tell one apart from the other, if you do

not know what “one” or the “other” is. Thence if we know not of

absolute truth, perhaps we know not of what an illusion

truthfully is.

I see beauty in the abstraction you call your thoughts,


Yet you remain cold and silent like a frozen-over corpse.


Your heart is warm, but your soul is sub-zero.


If I perceive you welcoming,


I would call it an illusion.


If, with you, I know not what is absolute;


       One says they claim they know your favourite song.


       The other claims they have not seen you listen to your favourite song.


       And another claims you don’t like music.


       I claim you know how to dance.


Then how much more of this world is a lie?


But, alas, you are a mere mirage of the scene -


which its own essence


is as well a mirage as you are.



BY patrick monje


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