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The mind is far too complex to understand. In fact, the idea of any human trying to understand it is similar to trying to understand fantasy. Scientifically, the brain contains hundreds of billions of cells, and those control every thought, execute every action, store every memory, and allow you to feel every experience. Most, or maybe all, would say that the mind is the most complex concept in the known universe. Every movement you make is the result of the mind, it is the output of thought or the instinct of the subconscious. Fears are the result of the mind, and if the mind did not control, would anyone fear at all?  Of all basic human emotions, most people experience fear. Fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of abandonment. From birth, humans are equipped with the concept of fear. Fear is an instinct, meant to be there in case of danger or unsafe. Fear is the protection of the human mind. The emotion stops humans from jumping into the unknown, halting us from going too far. The fear of judgement suppresses all other emotions. To be human is to undoubtedly follow the fear of your mind. 

To question reality is to question the mind. Nightmares, like fears, are products of the mind. What keeps you up at night? Does the feeling of dread  keep you up till dawn? Is it the person that races in your mind and drives you crazy? Is it the insanity of the world we live in, the unpredictability of it? Or is it the darkness that shrouds the night like a veil that takes over you as you close your eyes, pure black further than you can see. Is it the feeling of having all the light shut out from you, your person, your thoughts. The things that race through your mind as they close. The images that conjure up a heave in your chest and a fear in the mind. It makes you imagine something that is not there. A faceless girl beside your bed, a shadow at the corner of your eye, an unfamiliar footstep outside your door. Perhaps it may not even be the mind, but the reality.  Are the people in front of you the product of the mind or the true reality of the world? Perhaps the mind’s ability to fill in the blanks is not the righteous thing we all believe it is. What in life is real and what is imaginary?

the reality of the mind

BY gabbie bella


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