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different, but the same

BY Juliane Liu

Memories are precious things, moments in your life stored inside your brain to help you remember information or to give you something to relive. It is in these memories we often go to reminisce about our pasts and reflect upon our lives.


Childhood memories are often nostalgic, filled with sentiment and a faint longing for an easier or a happier time. This is how I would describe my emotions right now.


It is Christmas, a holiday and celebration usually flowing with cheer and laughter. Christmas is quieter this year, calmer and lonelier since the restrictions brought by covid have limited the amount of contact and interactions I’ve had with my friends and other relatives.


The world seems to have gone to sleep, people spending less time outside and communicating more to each other online. Streets are emptier and the skies seem clearer, and it’s almost as if everything has been reset.


It’s different. New. Foreign.


Some things, however, remain the same. I am home, safe with my family and surrounded by my loved ones. Though I may not be able to travel or go to many places, I am content and happy where I am.


After all, it is Christmas, a holiday I am spending with the ones I care about and a celebration of the year we’ve had as well as the years to come.

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