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There’s a tangy smell in the air. 

The air is rich with vibrant smells, 

some pleasantly sear my nose, and 

others sting, but it all reminds me of

a place nestled in my memory. 


The sky swells, the smells overtake me; 

the air sears my nose wonderfully, 

strong with the smell of brilliant fruits,

 vivid spices, and colorful herbs.


There’s a vivid tang on my tongue, 

as I cherish these smells. So bright, 

and blinding, and overwhelming my 

senses. No matter how many times, 

I pass this road, with its rich flavors

I will never grow sick of my home. 


I am sent back with these vivid smells

to a place that makes me warm, and 

makes me feel like I am nestled next 

to a roaring fire. I am awaiting for the 

embrace of this wonderful world 

to fully encapsulate me but it never comes. 


Instead, the air is suddenly stiff, the colors

disappear and I sit sullen again,

trapped within foreign walls that

deprive me of these smells. 

Smells I once never bothered

to think twice about. Smells I passed,

and never relished, for I thought

they’d exist with me forever.  

There’s a tangy smell in the air...

BY Asma Syed


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