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BY Kassidy Siebert



with our fingers

intensively around, with hugging finger tips.

we greet our greatly, familiar loved ones

Sun, Moon, Stars - they have followed me through our time

they smile down on me today

winking their celestial light from above

evigheden , read the gentle heavens

"everlasting, neverending, immortal, eternal"

tangled, entangled, in a sensational


blinded by honest, full, and

virtuous love

gentle breezes, or typhoons,

sun light to scorch.

this connection between


is untouchable

touch, warped our existences

into once, tight embrace

warm bright rays defracting innocently

lying awake

the Stars wink with favor with bliss

good things

another winter solstice brings

pray upward to those shimmering faces

to prolong such fruitful

promising days

prepare for peace and fortune

wide clear virgin skies - open to fly

where the wind takes

on a pair of fresh wings...

expectations, hope,

disappointment, pain

as a child never realizing

they're one in the same

the ideologies we dreamt

for this time intended for


torment me now

we’re near but not together

the distance of young fallen

pine distances you from me 

so detached and lost this life has become


calling out for you is vain

not being able to breath 

with this medical mussel strapped 

to my face, 

i long for a brush of rebellious 

contact. But it's forbidden to touch

even from the beating Sun, cool Moon,

plush grass, wild wind, or rushing river.


i disdain and wallow and

envy of the simple times

i spurn and scorn and 

flout in you 


these tired brick walls

have grown bored of my 

pacing, like a caged animal

back and forth in my domain


i spite this entrapment 

repeating this day

as though i’m trapped in 


a never ending replay 

watching the Sun stretch up into the

empyrean  to rest on the horizon relaying

with the Moon 


i blundered around in those days of freedom

being able to greet the freshness of liberty

now the brick walls that encase me scoff at my existence


i’m aware lives are at stake 

legends have past on

elderly have descended

i’m aware the world is feeling the affects as well


as i

but i miss the soft kiss of 

the puffed up clouds with you by my side

Right by my side


from the orgulous  presence of my home i can see the world start

crumbling under the weight 

of the empty cavern of the years fate

the beautiful window of hope 


has shatter into broken



and hearts 


i’m losing my grip 

the relentless, ramped stampede

 of vines and weeds

penetrate my meadow of flowers

the meadow where we planned to sore 
taken flight to a serene secluded sea 
Sunlight glittering soft syllables
 and strands of sweet songs

bitter those memories make me

clipped, broken an empty without our connection

being severed from each other

torn from that of which i knew

shivering alone as the brumous  world swallows and

the darkness encases me

my lonely Xenizated being withering away

into nothing

for what will i be at the end of this

when you or the Sun or the Moon or the Stars

no longer recognize me?


  Xenization: The state of being made a stanger, to be a stranger.

  Python: A Danish word meaning without an end/eternal

  Empyrean: referring to the highest part of heaven

  orgulous: meaning hauntly, ghostly, ominous.

  brumous: dark, wintry, cold.











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