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“I will blow them away

Gold teddy in hand

And You will love to play

You’ll be part of my band”

Little Chris walks up to the sandbox

Adjusts his backpack 

Pulls up his socks

“The gold is quite striking 

If I do say so myself

Seems quite to my liking”

And they prop it on the shelf


“Come one come all

Up to my stand

Twelve dollars for a 

Gold stuffed teddy bear

Chris’ stand that he mans

marks his territory at the sandbox

Everything covered in sand

now all his land


“Sure thanks”

“I’ll pass, I got my own”

“Don’t need it”

“Got one already sewn”

Minding their own business

Hadn’t known they’d need



“Take the stuffed bear

This is not a request

I demand devotion

This is active conquest”

Christopher rips the seams

Out of native stuffed dreams

“The fur makes my eyes itch

leaves a rash

But we know what He’d do

with backlash”

Protests meet with stealing

Christopher shoves them down

Natives left to kneeling

Christopher now renowned


“Their Barbaric ways

Oh uncivilized

primitive nature blazes

Unlike mine”

Stuffing remains scattered

The battleground tattered

Christopher oblivious


“Christopher’s imposition

We shall revolt, equipped

With rage of need to find the 

seams to rip”

However, teddy owns

no stitches to pull

A bear enthroned

A bear power swole

What seems spectacularly

Fluffed cotton, nothing but

Stuffed taxidermy




What drives a child to such lengths

To prove dominance and one’s strength

Humanity’s need for achievement

And retaliation through appeasement

This process understood

Most think “what of it?”

Teacher then resorts to,

“Maybe He’ll grow out of it”


“I have blown them away.”

Declares Lord Cristopher 

little chris

BY sneha mukherjee


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