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Where I’ve spent the last year in a half




Or so I thought


My best friend always told me

“There’s always another way” 

And as I look up at my ceiling 

Lying in my bed 

I realize that there always will be


I’ve spent

This whole quarantine

Solely on focusing

Who I am

Who I’m meant to be


Who I want to be

My own Identity


Figuring out my passions

Finding true friends

Exploring the world


All only 

With the click of keys

With the tap of a screen

With the clack of a button


I used to think 

COVID took over my life

That it took everything away 

And well

That it was the worst thing that happened 


And in a way

It did 

And is 


But it also may just be 

The best thing that has ever happened


Because as I reflect on my past 

And am hopeful for my future 

I realize that I took it back 


I took back my own life

And maybe that’s what we all needed  


A global pandemic 

To help guide us

To help remind us


Who we were 

Who we are

Who we can become 

And what truly awaits for us


Because the world is full of twists and turns

Surprise after surprise 


Billions of more surprises


And I think 

All of us can agree on that


But we can also 

All overcome it 


That’s what we’ve been doing this whole time, right? 


BY Christiana Walker


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