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A boy sat on the steps,

Of a hall,

In a town,

Far, far, away.


He took erratic breaths, 

his body and mind each possessed from observing Citizens of the town.


The boy’s thoughts wandered into a mansion of introspection. 


The Citizens robotic pace perpetuated never-ending commotion,

as hours became eternity through time’s slow motion. 

For when the clock struck five,

they would return to their homes-

To polish their pools of riches, 

feast on prime banquets,

and apply lavish lotions

while showing imperceptible devotion

to their exanimate children,

who learned from their lack of emotion.


The chalice of pride never ceased flowing. 

Hence, the grasp of chaos kept growing.


Euphoria is claimed through social promotion.

Indignation erupts from corporate demotion.

Rivers of tears seep into iron roots,

Someday flourishing into negative notions.


Conformity is a curse, The boy considered.

This city requires a physician’s dignotion,

to be freed from the Siren’s potion.


The boy’s body and mind felt imprisoned,

by his fellow citizens who maintained a rhythm, 

every heart containing the same vision.


The vision consumed them, from dawn to dusk.

This symphony chorused, leaving no room for love.


When the burial day arrives,

age will have choked away youth’s power,

earth, the victim of thievery

will consume every citizen.


The boy frowned.

Where has the concept of eternity gone?

Purity is lost, 

the curtains of malice now are drawn.


The soul of a citizen is rent in twain,

diverged between madness and greed. 

Emptiness is the mantra.


Oh, to be young!

How glorious is the barricade of youth?

To have both passivity and ignorance, 

for when age takes its toll…

The Citizen’s Cage becomes a lethal weapon.


john toronto

the citizen's cage

BY john toronto


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